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After seeing an article on the toothpaste that changes flavours according to the weather, I began to look for other weather dependent products.

One of the many things the Nabaztag can do is tell you the weather.

Recommendations of what clothes to wear depending on the weather seem useful, and there are iPhone apps such as Feather Report that do this.

Umbrellas that change colour in the rain are available in the MoMA Store, but umbrellas with more features such as the Ambient Umbrella can make you aware of the forecast by glowing when rain or snow is forecast.

Weather dependent wallpaper is quite popular, but there are also suggestions of weather dependent music selections.

Various art and music projects involve the weather, such as Bruce Woolley's Electric Storm on London’s South Bank in 2004, which "featured a 24 hour interactive soundtrack & 40 loudspeakers across the post-war site, with lights, music and artificial fog created from water which was pumped from the Thames."

Variable 4's project in 2010, in Dungeness, Kent, used "meteorological sensors connected to a custom software environment developed by the artists, the wild weather conditions of the Kent coastland act as composer, navigating through a map of 24 specifically written movements."

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Heh, amarok is my favourite music player (despite all the bugginess...), and weather dependent music selections would make my day :)

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