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May. 16th, 2011 11:19 pm
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May 14th, 2011 saw GameCamp 4 happening in London's South Bank University. GameCamp is an unconference, similar to a BarCamp, where anyone can run a session on a topic of their choice, but GameCamp is obviously game themed. Participants of GameGamp 4 chose a room and a time, and then wrote the name of their session on a large white board.

It was the second GameCamp in London that I have attended. The first was in 2008 and I think was the first unconference I attended. Since then I have been to BarCamps in Bath, London, Manchester, and Southampton, StixCamp in Newstead (Australia), Trampoline in Melbourne (Australia), and UXCamp in London. This meant I had an idea of how things would work, but still did not know what any of the talks would be about.

After arriving at GameCamp 4, we were given Lego minifigs, which we were supposed to swap pieces of with other people to make the minifigs look more like ourselves.


A list of GameCamp 4 sessions is available on Lanyrd. These are the sessions I attended:

Distillation of Gameplay )

Sex (in games) )

A Gladiatorial session about Narrative )

Are games astronomy? )

Then there was lunch, which included aubergines, focaccia and Diet Coke. (Thank-you sponsors!)

User-Centred Design - Can it help games? )

Is Gamification Infectious? )

The Frontiers of Game Interaction )

The varieties of experiences: very different feelings playing all sorts of games )


GameCamp 4 ended with a wrap-up session and then headed to the Student Union for drinks. I then realised I had an old copy of Amiga Power in my bag and found that even though it was from 1995, it still made me laugh.

All the sessions I attended at GameCamp 4 were interesting and there were other sessions I wish I had attended also, but it is not possible to attend everything. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet cool new people and in general, I very much enjoyed GameCamp 4.
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Everyone seems to be playing foursquare today, a mobile location-based game. I want to play, but it's only available in 21 cities at the moment, and Wrexham unsurprisingly isn't one of them.

I also heard about openMIC #3 - Mobile Innovation Camp today, which is in Guildford on 4th November 2009 - "3rd in a series of un-conference for discussion, debate and development new mobile applications and mobile web services." This one has a theme of Location and Augmented Reality.

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