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A few years ago, for my MSc in Human-Computer Interaction with Ergonomics, I did a project on pervasive games and immersion. The game I used for my study was a location-based game and at the time, phones with built in GPSs were less common than they are now. I started wondering how much location-based games had moved on since then and how popular they were now.

FourSquare is the game that sprung to mind to start with, and other similar games such as Gowalla, MyTown and BrightKite, but some of these are really just location based social networking (geo-social networking) as opposed to games.

I remembered playing mscape games, but they are no longer running. The future of mscape.

I started making my own list of location-based games.. Read more... )
I then found various lists: A list of location based mobile games, Location Based Social Networks, Location Based Social apps and games and there are also some listed in Wikipedia in the Location-based game entry. (Although most of those were listed there a few years ago, so aren't that new.)

For a lot of these games, I don't currently have the appropriate technology needed to play them, but hopefully one day I will. Not sure which I would play first though!
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Everyone seems to be playing foursquare today, a mobile location-based game. I want to play, but it's only available in 21 cities at the moment, and Wrexham unsurprisingly isn't one of them.

I also heard about openMIC #3 - Mobile Innovation Camp today, which is in Guildford on 4th November 2009 - "3rd in a series of un-conference for discussion, debate and development new mobile applications and mobile web services." This one has a theme of Location and Augmented Reality.

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