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My attention was drawn to tongue controlled devices by a story on Slashdot- Robotic "Tongue" Lets You French Kiss Over The Internet. The device was created at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo [1] and has a "motion-sensing receptacle that records your tongue's movements and then sends that information to a corresponding machine in your partner's mouth."

From searching, I found there are more serious applications of tongue controlled devices, such as ones created by groups at Aalborg University in Denmark and at Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S.:

A group at Aalborg University in Denmark created a device [2] that allows users to type using the tongue. An activation unit is placed on the tongue itself, and a device with a key area and a mouse-pad area is put in the mouth and can be attached to the teeth. The user can then type by moving the tongue to the key area and the mouse-pad area.

At Georgia Institute of Technology in the U.S., the tongue drive system [3] has been created, which allows users to control devices using their tongue. A magnetic tracer is attached to the user's tongue and tongue movements are then translated into user-defined commands to control devices, such as a wheelchair. The tongue drive system was shown to allow users to perform complex tasks in a wheelchair, such as navigating through an obstacle course.


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