Mar. 3rd, 2011

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A few years ago, I went to a few OpenStreetMap mapping parties. I was lent a GPS receiver device, as I did not have one of my own and enjoyed wandering around, noting down street names and creating tracks. Most of the area where I live now is mapped very well by OpenStreetMap, so there is no need for me to create tracks for it.

Instead, I decided to log all the roads or paths I walked up during February, as I was interested in seeing them on a map.

I used a Qstarz BT-Q1000 GPS travel recorder to log the tracks. I only turned it on when I walked up roads or paths I had not previously logged.

I connected the travel recorder to my computer via USB and then copied the tracks onto my computer using GPSBabel and this command:
gpsbabel -t -w -i mtk,erase -f /dev/ttyUSB0 -o gpx -F out.gpx

I then loaded the tracks into GPSVisualizer. Most of the time, I copied the tracks the GPS recorder had created onto a new map, so that it all looked neater.

Map of where I think I walked in February 2011.

Individual bits of map of areas where I walked:
Oxford )
Bristol )
Bath )
Swindon )
Didcot )
Cheltenham )
Kilcot )
Newent )
Ross-on-Wye )
Symonds Yat )
Puzzlewood )
Forest of Dean Sculpture Trail )
Gloucester )

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